At Treen Foods, we uphold the belief that food should be wholesome and healthy. True to our mission statement: ”Nurtured and Harvested with Goodness”, we ensure that our products are farm-to-table, organic, and pure.

Pure, Raw, and Unprocessed with a healthy dose of Nutrients.

A Full-Service Animation Development and Production Studio with an Integrated 2D and 3D Pipeline.

With experience ranging from Episodic TV Series to Feature Films and a lean-agile team, 7Mantle Studios is a proven partner for your Animation Development and Production needs.

Irresistible Clean and Cool Toy Collectibles with NFTs.

From Sports to Themed Art, collect them Online and Offline.

A character-driven animation series with self-paced modules for online and offline seamless learning.
Dino, Sharko, Hippo (DSH) incorporates the different learning styles of every unique child through storytelling, gameplay, and a structured curriculum.

Multi-sensorial curriculum at your fingertips!
Numeracy, Literacy, Social Sciences, Art, Music, Sports; all packaged in an age and interest adaptive curriculum. Plus, they are so cute!

Let Doru be your friend. Not only will he bake with you, but he will also teach you Japanese. Oh, he also loves adventures.

Come, be his friend. He is Totemo kawaī!


Reflecting Purpose;

Mobilizing Destinies.

Reflecting Purpose;

Mobilizing Destinies.

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